Friday, April 19, 2013

Birds and Blisters

Early this morning, before I went to bed, I finished up this week's row from the  Spring Sampler and also my April Fool's jackelope from the Woodland Sampler.  So much fun!  I can't wait until Monday for the next installment of the Spring Sampler.

The baby birds are so ugly they're cute!

April Fools! :)

 Found this cute craft at Jo-Anne, on sale in their "Summer Camp" seasonal aisle.  I thought it would be cute on our front door.  I started making it last night but was too lazy to get out my hot glue gun, so I tried using some super glue.  I glued my fingers together, then the same finger to my fingernail. . I did not get the felt pieces to stick to each other.  Amazing, isn't it?!

Today, I got out the glue gun and, as usual, burnt myself several times.  I have never used a glue gun without burning my fingers; it's just part of the crafting.  Today, though,I burnt the same place on my fingertip that still had a layer of super glue.  Holy cow, did that hurt!  Hours later, it STILL hurts and I have quite the blister!  That is officially my last time using any sort of super glue-y product.

I did finish the birdies, though.  It certainly isn't perfect (the eyeball fell off the little bird and the bigger ones are crooked and have a distinct resemblance to Mo Willems' Pigeon), but it is mine.  I created it. =D  I had fun and it will be cute on our door.

Here it is, in all it's glory:
Beware!  They're staring at you with their creepy eyes!

And here is St. John, nomming some grass, on his walk today:

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