Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wishy Washi

Made my first Washi tape creation today.  It didn't turn out great; I've still got a lot to learn about using Washi.  My ends didn't want to stay down and I don't know if it was the cardboard or the tape.  It was fun anyway!

I took this inexpensive cardboard flower (on sale for $2.79 at Jo-Anne) and covered it with some of my tape.  You can see that my edges aren't sticking like they should, and I didn't do a good job on the flower-hole, but it was my first time.


I also glued my fingers together with faux super glue attempting to make a felt craft for the front door.  I know better than to use that stuff, but was too lazy to get out my glue gun.  Tomorrow, once I can feel my fingers again, I'll use the glue gun!

Early this morning I finished one of the squares in my Spring Sampler.  The mouse was adorable, but I think I made it even cuter by adding the whiskers. :)

Before I went out for errands today, I played with the dandelions in the yard.

Make a Wish!


  1. a new chapter in the book of life .... I like this ... I'm thinking about going back to the blog I started "After 60"

  2. oh now I see what washi tape is -nice projects