Thursday, May 16, 2013

Lots of Good Things

I'm sitting here feeling sorry for myself.  Medicine that makes me feel like a zombie, a vet visit that garnered no answers and a backed-up toilet have combined to make me feel like nothing good happened today.  At the moment, I can't think of anything, but I'm letting Bach's Ave Maria wash over me, to remind me that beauty does exist.

Thinking of good things, beautiful things, joy-inspiring things; these are the first dozen that come to mind:

  • my husband
  • my kitties, past and present
  • my parents
  • books
  • the color pink
  • the word "vacuum"
  • the smell after rain
  • crayons
  • tea
  • daisies
  • The Great Smokey Mountains
  • baroque music

Bach has helped.  Always does.

I can't believe how far into May we are.  Tempis does fugit, doesn't it?  I have been planning to post books read and listened to at the end of each month, and here I am, two weeks into May, just realizing that I didn't do it for April.  Never too late for a list, though.  I love lists!

I read:
Bars of Iron by Ethel M. Dell
Mrs. Dell wrote popular romances between 1912 and her death in 1939.  I'm not a romance reader, not modern romances anyway, but I do enjoy a "gentle" read.  Edwardian novels are among my favorites.  This one wasn't memorable, like others by her that I've read, but it was a pleasant way to while away a few hours.

I listened to:
Anna Karenina by Tolstoy; as I mentioned earlier, it was just okay, certainly not as good as War and Peace.  In fact, I'd probably have to class it as a disappointment, 33+ hours that would have been better spent listening to another book.  I'm still not certain why I stuck it out; just to say that I did, I suppose.

The first two volumes of a set of Sherlock Holmes mysteries.  Holmes was my first literary crush, back in my preteens.  It's always enjoyable to reread old favorites, and David Timson is an excellent reader.

Joy in the Morning by P G Wodehouse.  My husband and I are huge Wodehouse fans, and we listened to this one together.  While the Wodehouse plots are often predictable, I never tire of his excellent wordplay and the hilarious dialog.  I hadn't read this one before, so it was especially fun.

Because of Anna Karenina, I didn't listen to as many in April.  I'm already on my sixth this month, and I've finished reading one novel.  I like months when I make time to read enough.  That's one of the best things about audio books: I can still work on my cross stitch or do chores and have my imagination and intellect stimulated by books.  I had to learn to be able to listen, and it didn't come easy, but now that I have I love listening to audio books nearly as much as I do visibly reading.

Between Bach and books, I feel much more lighthearted, and would delete my gripes, if it weren't for the fact that I have a lovely teapot illustration that I couldn't use if I did.  (Did that make sense?)

Everyone is asleep now, except me.  Think I'll take my stack of new library books (ah yes, something good did happen today, I went to the library) and go read!

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