Sunday, June 2, 2013

In Which St. John Has a Big Week.....

and I have a low one

St. John
This week was a big week for the kitten!  He caught a lizard, a mouse, a roll of toilet paper and a snake.  Sadly, I was only able to save one of them, and it wasn't the roll of toilet paper!  I found the mouse the morning after it's demise (so that's what that noise was in the night!) and the lizard quite some time after his fatal ending.  I felt especially sorry for him--he had lots of tooth-marks in his soft self.  I think his passing might have been painful.  

We call them "lizards" (pronounced "lisssurd"), but I think they are actually Plestiodon skinks (the ones with the blue tails, but not "blue-tailed skinks" because I just now discovered that those only reside on Christmas Island; we are not residents of Christmas Island; so, if A = B, then C means that those skinks aren't "blue-tailed".  Or that we're due for another flood.  I'm not good at math.). (I am also, apparently not good at grammar, despite my claims to the contrary as I just ended that sentence with two, count 'em: two, periods.)

Sadly, we never see one with its tail to know for certain. However, we do sometimes see tails on their own, so perhaps we have skinks with blue tails and lizards without blue tails; we may even have originally tailless reptiles and reptiles that look like tails!  Who knows!

This currently tailless skink/lizard, however, was definitely dead.  And I was sorry!  (Nothing dies in my house, and definitely not by my hand, if I can prevent it in any way, unless it is a mosquito or ant; in that case, I am Death personified.)

The toilet paper was literally snatched out of my hand as I was trying to utilize said paper.  I had to ask for it back, because, well, I needed it, but lost it again while getting a few squares torn off.  By that time, it wasn't usable anymore.  After that incident, I started hiding the toilet paper.  It's no longer on the spindle-holder-thingee, but hidden in a hanging bag.  He watches me, greedily, as I take out and put up the paper, but so far he hasn't actually gotten into the bag.  Once he realizes how easy it is to do that, all bets are off.  I'll have to start using sandpaper, or air drying or something!

As for the snake. ..

What you can almost see through the frosted bowl is a snake, about two feet long.   

St. John brought it up from the basement for me to see.  I heard a wet "plop" sound, and thought "oh, another lizard/skink", and peered around the corner to see him playing with a piece of black tubing.  I thought, "where in the world did he get th-- holy cow, that's a snake!"  

I had just gotten up from a nap; how glad I am I was not still in bed, for I have no doubt he would have brought it on the bed for me to see.  

That kitten loved his snake!  I wish I could have gotten some video of him playing with it, but I was too busy having a "holy cow, there is a snake in the house" moment and saying "St. John, don't pull it!  St. John, don't bite it!  St. John, don't hurt it!" to think of videoing.  He pulled that pitiful snake and dragged it around and I was just hoping he didn't pull it too hard, because the only thing I hate worse than cleaning up cat puke is cleaning up more cat puke blood.  Happily, I was able to put the bowl over the poor thing, and save it from too much St. John lovin'.

St. John was extremely upset that I put a barrier between him and his toy, and in the photo he is trying to get it out. At the same time, the poor snake is very upset that it's trapped between a glass bowl and a crazy kitten, and it's trying to get out to somewhere without either.   

At one point, all three cats were positioned around the bowl, watching it, but I never could get a good photo of them all.

St. John's big week also included helping with laundry:
Apparently, it's important to get the cat hair on the clothing as soon as possible.

He also found a paper lantern I left on my desk and "helped" with it too:
He had so much fun with it, that we've ordered four more for him to have as toys.  I just hope he has as much fun with them as he did with this one!

My week was not quite as big and exciting as his.
I got mosquito bit more times than I could count and far more than can remember happening before while were enjoying the night, Tuesday, and had an allergic reaction (something to do with producing too much histamine) and that made an already low week even lower.  These days/weeks happen, and this was one of them.

I did receive 25 rolls of Washi tape from DownTown Tape, though.  I was SO excited!  I won it in a contest earlier in the month.  DownTown Tape has the nicest I have used, and lots of varieties   Here are my gorgeous new rolls:

I am especially in love with the music notes, and all the polka dots, but there isn't one I said "ick" over.  Isn't Washi a dream?!

I started two Frosted Pumpkin projects this week, but don't have photos yet: the frames for the Summer Sampler and the June firefly for the Woodland Sampler.

I struggled to think of the one good thing that happened at the end of each day, and I'm struggling right now to remember any of those good things.  Like I said, it was one of those weeks.  

Thinking. .. 
I remember: I made some excellent mac and cheese, with swiss and cheddar; we had a lovely visit with my parents last night; we have been working on building new bookshelves and they look great; I had ice cream; I read good books; there was sun and wind and rain; I saw a turtle; I took some nice photos; there were times when my husband or my cats made me smile; I spring-cleaned the bathroom; we got rid of the ants.  Good things happened, even though they seem overshadowed.  Now that I've written them down, I'll remember them. Of course, when I read about St. John's great week, I can't imagine how I found a moment to myself so as to have a low week!

Here's my photo from yesterday; I'm particularly proud of  it. Believe it or not, that key is one of our front door keys!  There are some benefits to living in an old house!

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  1. picture is a great one .... love how that shade of green stands out against the key ... what made you think of grouping these together?