Thursday, June 20, 2013

Super Great Package Day

I love the daily deals at The Plaid Barn (and sadly, no, I'm not getting any endorsement for this).

I wouldn't go so far as to say that I am addicted to their great craft items and cute geegaws (only because my husband reads this blog and I don't want him to cut me off), but I will say that when I was finally lucky enough to snag one of their goodie boxes (they sell out FAST!!!!), I nearly cried with happiness.

My goodie box arrived today, after about five eternities of waiting.

So, naturally, I had to take photos and show all of my new goodies!

Here we have pillow boxes (I got four); fancy, velcro closing gift bags (four of the polka dot design, three of the plain); a package of blue/white chevron straws; small jute drawstring bags (four); medium kraft paper bags (two); and two daisy lids for mason jars to be used with a straw!

I got loaded with accessories, too: a lovely, sandy colored, polka dot scarf; gorgeous earrings that make me think "Morocco" and will become my new favorites; three fancy bobby pins; and two lace edged bobby pins that come with clear epoxy stickers so you can add your own design.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this!  It's an antique-y, handwriting font, rubber stamp set of all the upper case letters plus ! and ?.

Next up: yellow chevron ribbon, polka dot fabric tape, pink Washi tape and tiny scissors!  The tiny scissors are awesome and I plan to carry them in my purse.  Also a set of four each of blue, white and pink daisy cabochons, a set of blue, yellow and purple shabby-chic cloth flowers and  three varieties of fold over elastic.

Lastly, three sheets of vinyl (dark brown, rust and avacadoish), two unfinished wood circles, a lovely bunch of wooden spools and two unfinished wood candlesticks.

 How exciting is that?!?!

Other than my super great package, though, today was a waste.  I was tired from being up later than usual, I didn't get much done (still haven't washed the dishes, even) and am thinking of heading to bed early (i.e. now).  Trying not to be discouraged and to remember that not every day is going to be a great achievement day.

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