Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cookies and Tapes

I can mark off two things from this week's to-do list, and it's only Tuesday!

Yesterday, I tested and reviewed Pamela's Gluten Free Sugar Cookie Mix for the Amazon Vine Program.

I followed the directions explicitly and made the bar cookies. They were much more like shortbread in both taste and texture.  I was wowed by the biscuit mix by Pamela's that I tested, but these I could take or leave.  I scored the mix a 3 out of 5. If I am going buy a packaged mix for a sweet treat, I'll stick to Namaste brand brownie mix.  Those are quite yummy.

They make a great photo, though!

Today, I swept the cobweb colony out of the corners of the living room, cleaned the ceiling fan and decorated it with Washi tape.  It looks as awesome as the bedroom!

 I used these three.  The bottom two are from Target; I prefer to use my Target Washi on big household projects because I know I can replace it easily.

The top one is Martha Stewart's Paper Tape.  Let me tell you a little about Martha Stewart's Paper Tape.

It is terrible.

First off, this is not Washi tape.  It doesn't say it is, and that is the one thing in it's favor.  But, naturally one assumes it is as many Washi tapes are referred to as "paper tape".

Well, this one is not.

Washi tape, for the uninitiated, is like masking tape.  It is pliable, it is transparent, it can be pulled up and restuck numerous times, and it can be written on. Masking tape is my go-to item and I use it all over the house, from cross-stitching to labeling boxes to holding cords up in the kitchen.  Love the stuff.

Washi tape is masking tape wearing a frilly dress.  It has all of masking tape's excellent qualities, plus exquisite beauty.  You can use it for pretty crafts as well as practical things.

Martha Stewart's Paper Tape is not any of those things mentioned.  Well, it's pretty, but that's it.

It has the texture of wax paper and so is too slick to be written on.

It has been my experience that Washi tapes sticks to everything perfectly, even after several reuses, except sawdusty wood (and a little wood glue fixed that).  This paper tape doesn't stick well the first time; you can forget a second time.  

Worst of all, this paper tape doesn't want to smooth out well.  It could just be my rolls, but it is pushed out on the roll at the top and bottom--yes, on the roll, before I even got it OFF the roll--and when I go to use it the top and bottom tend to curl up.

It has been a dismal disappointment.  Avoid it, but rush out to Target and buy as much of their tape as you can get your hands on and enjoy taping your entire house--like me!

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  1. Sounds wonderful
    you got ME excited about Washi tape and I dont even do a single craft :-)