Saturday, July 20, 2013

My Friday Fives

This week was a bit odd.  I was sick Monday and Tuesday (why is it that when I worked out of the home sick days were a joy, now they are a guilt?) and that put me off my stride.  Wednesday I had Church in the morning, so I had two and a half days to work on my list (weekends are generally laid back times with my husband).  I did fairly well, considering.  I'm trying to be proud of any accomplishments and not guilt-ridden for not doing as much as I feel I should.  I am my worst critic, my harshest judge and my sometimes my own jailer.

  1. Found a home for the summer coats.
  2. Cleaned out the junk closet.
  3. Cleaned out an old nightstand.
  4. Moved the tools to the basement.
  5. Sorted out the things that had been living in the trunk of my car.

  1. First Frappacino of the summer. :)
  2. Heirloom (Cherokee Purple) tomatoes from Mom's garden.
  3. Active hermit crabs.
  4. Pleasant times cross-stitching on my Summer Sampler.
  5. Sleeping kitties.
St. John streeeeetched out on the couch.
  1. Make a home for the winter coats.
  2. Wash and store the hamster house.
    Totally forgot!
  3. Move the tools to the basement, from the spare room.
    Done, with some help from my husband! Huzzah!
  4. Do better taking photos than I did last week.
  5. Tidy up the breakfast room.
    Began; might even be done this weekend.

  1. Wash and store the hamster house.
  2. Mop the kitchen floor.
  3. Take daily photos (I refuse to give up on this!).
  4. Prepare the living room for the upcoming massive overhaul (it's going to become the office in a couple of weeks).
  5. Do something with the closet in the spare room (what, I won't know til I see just what can be done).

  1. vegetables fresh from the garden
  2. prayer from friends and acquaintances
  3. frozen Yoplait Whips yogurt
  4. time to read
  5. a compassionate husband

In an effort to reflect more positively on what I accomplish and to plan goals more reasonably, I'm going to start writing out My Friday Fives.