Tuesday, August 6, 2013

GoPicnic Meals Reviewed

The GoPicnic idea is fabulous!  Each variety is around 400 calories (no more than 500, some as low as 300), contains protein, fruit and a treat, and comes in a cute box that opens to look like a picnic table--with a Sudoku puzzle printed on it to feed the brain as well.  They contain no MSG, HFCS or trans fat and have gluten free, vegan and kosher varieties.  In fact, they are a healthy, gluten free alternative to child favorites like "Lunchables".  GoPicnic meals are also great to have in the car for emergencies or to take when travelling.  

One problem I have with the GoPicnic meals, is that not all items have individual nutrition labels with ingredients, calories, carbs, etc.  While I trust them to be gluten free, there are still times when I would like to know more details about what I am eating.

Review of "Turkey Pepperoni and Cheese" Meal

This meal contains:

0.8 ounces of Bridgeford turkey pepperoni --  This pepperoni, while greasier than other brands I have tried, is also much tastier than the others.  I enjoyed it and would buy it separately if it were available in my grocery store.

1 small bag of Crunchmaster multi-seed crackers --  I am a long time fan of these crackers, and highly recommend them.  They are not like flour crackers, but are strong flavored, crisp bites of various seeds.

0.75 ounces of Copper Cowbell Asiago Gourmet Cheese Spread -- This is a very mild spread that is overpowered when eaten with both the crackers and pepperoni.  It has a very good flavor, though, and I enjoyed it by itself with the crackers.  GoPicnic included a small, wooden spreader to spread the cheese, but I dipped my crackers like one would chips.

1 package of Sweet Perry Orchards Tangy Tango Cranberries & Pineapple: This mix has an excellent flavor and made a nice sweet-tart addition to the meal.

1 small Brown & Haley Almond Roca Buttercrunch Toffee: This was extremely tasty; it has a buttery, crunchy center covered with chocolate and then with almond pieces.  It was a lovely finish.

This meal contains 300 calories, 12 grams of protein and 2 grams of dietary fiber.  I have found this meal to be be very satisfying on several occasions and plan to buy more.  5/5 stars

Review of the "Turkey Stick and Crunch" Meal:

Each "turkey stick and crunch" meal is 300 calories, 8 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber. It contains the following items:

1 Old Wisconsin hardwood-smoked turkey snack stick -- This is a 0.5 oz soft meat stick in a collagen casing, with a rather mild taste.  The texture is a bit off-putting, but the flavor is fine.

1 small bag of barbecue flavored Popchips -- Popchips have a wonderful flavor, and are low in fat when compared to other chips.  I prefer the plain ones, myself, but this flavor is sweet, slightly spicy and very pleasant.

1 bag of Mambo fruit and seed mix:  This is a peanut free mix, that contains pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, dried apples, raisins and a few small chocolate chips.  It has a very good flavor and is a satisfying mix.

1 fruit snack by Sweet Perry Orchards: This is a peel-apart fruit snack, made from 100% fruit (apple puree and juice, mango juice and pineapple juice).  It is almost too sweet, but has a good fruit flavor and a good texture.

1 Professor Zim Zam's Extraordinary Sweets Dark Chocolate with rice crisps:  This candy is waxy, with very small, unsweetened, puffed rice crisps sprinkled on the top.  It is very dark, and lightly sweet.  I was not impressed with it.

Overall, this particular meal, while having a total of 8 protein, felt like a bunch of snacks thrown together.  It did not present itself as a meal, and I did not feel satisfied after eating it (unlike the "turkey pepperoni and cheese" meal, for instance).  There were too many sweet foods, and not enough foods that felt like, well, food.  I would recommend that GoPicnic eliminate the less-than-satisfactory candy and replace it with another turkey stick.  The fruit snack would do perfectly well as a dessert item, and would make the meal more filling.

Over all, GoPicnic meals are a fantastic idea, but this one isn't up to standard.  I would recommend the "turkey pepperoni and cheese" meal as an alternative.  3/5 stars

I recieved 6 pack boxes of each of these meals from the Amazon Vine program in return for my honest review.

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