Sunday, August 11, 2013

Looking Back

I am replacing my "Friday Fives" with "Looking Back"; explanation here.
  1. Took down the utility shelves from the former office, now dining room and moved them to the basement.
  2. Set up new plastic shelves in the new dining room to be a pantry.
  3. With Mom's help, arranged the new pantry.
  4. Took a photo every day this week!  (Every day this month, so far!!)
  5. Completed week four of The Frosted Pumpkin's Summer Sampler.

It is hard to pick a favortie from this particular week, but
it is probably this cranky marshmallow.
  1. Homemade (by me, no less) chocolate almond pudding.
  2. Made a wonderful crustless quiche with Mom's garden-fresh herbs and tomatoes.
  3. A fantastic thunderstorm, enjoyed with my husband.
  4. The delicious Indian spiced garbanzo bean dish I made.
  5. Excellent close-out deals on craft supplies at Target.

  1. The kitchen needs to be mopped even more, now!
    And guess how badly it needs it NOW!
  2. Move the pantry to it's new home in the dining room, which requires a first step of. . .
  3. . . . taking down the utility shelves used in the former office so that the pantry shelves can be put up, which requires a first step of. . .
  4. Finding a new home, even if just temporary, for the things on the utility shelves in the former office.
  5. The bathroom needs an extra good cleaning, since this week was otherwise occupied.
  6. (bonus goal: be less cranky!)
    I think I was somewhat better this week. =D

  1. Mop the kitchen!!
  2. Move the unused bookcases into our "closet room" so they can become shelving for pjs, tee shirts and jeans, which first requires. . . 
  3. Moving out the tiny dresser, which first requires. . . 
  4. Moving the hermit crab tank to the larger dresser, which first requires. . . 
  5. Taking down the un-sturdy mesh shelving that is currently housing the above (#2) clothing.

One of the photos I took this week; the baker's twine is
"Midnight Blue" from the Twinery.
  1. My camera.
  2. Recipes I can follow.
  3. Cards from friends.
  4. Spices!
  5. Audio books.

In an effort to reflect more positively on what I accomplish and to plan goals more reasonably, I'm going to start writing out and looking back on my weekly goals.

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  1. love this
    you got a whole lot done
    G - how do you do the background for your logos - "I am thankful for " I love them