Friday, September 13, 2013

Amazing! (Review of our new Push Reel Mower)

Sometimes technological advances are not an improvement!

Review of the Great States 415-16 16-Inch Standard Full Feature Push Reel Lawn Mower With T-Style Handle And Heat Treated Blades
5/5 stars

I can not give this mower enough praise!

After years of battling with gas-powered mowers (our latest, new John Deere, was no different), we decided to concede the struggle and replace it.  Looking at "electric" mowers, we were disappointed to see that they wouldn't be as much of an improvement as we'd hoped.

Then we began to look at push reel mowers.  I had always been fascinated by them and wanted to try one for many reason, not the least being that it was human powered.  After some research, we bought this model and it was one of the best decisions we've made as homeowners!

This mower is easy to push and pull, and doesn't put strain on my troublesome back.  In fact, I find it much easier to control that a gas-powered mower.  I don't have to pull back on it to keep it under control, and it responds to a moderate amount of arm power.  I can go as slow or as fast as I want to go, unlike a gas mower where I am forced to keep up with it.

The quietness of this mower is fantastic.  It makes a pleasant noise, as the scissors snip.  It doesn't disturb the wildlife in my yard and trees or give me a headache.

I was surprised at just how good a job it does at cutting grass.  The cut lawn looks good and is even.  I have seen complaints that it doesn't cut long grass well.  Our grass was long, but I had no difficulty in cutting it.  Long weeds with thicker stems, however, are more difficult to cut.  It is prone to push them down instead of cutting them.  That is not a problem with us, though, as there are few weeds and they can be trimmed with clippers if need be.  I would advise, if that will be a problem, that the lawn be mowed closely one last time with a gas mower.  For us, though, it was not a problem.

I have also seen complaints about this push mower becoming jammed.  That is true: it does get jammed when run over rocks or if it gets a limb caught in the blades.  It is easy to fix, though, by jiggling it from side to side.  As I don't regularly run over rocks or limbs, this to is not a problem. Frankly, that small problem is better than having rocks and limbs thrown out the side of a gas mower.  (My husband still bears the scar of being hit by a rock out of the gas mower.)

There will certainly be people who try a reel mower and don't like it, because it is not a gas mower.  For me though,  the lack of noise and gas fumes, the ease of control and the good cut make cutting the grass with this reel mower a pleasant task.

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