Friday, September 27, 2013

Review of Clipper 10-inch Commercial Non-Stick Pans

Clipper 315-90011 10-Inch Commercial NSF Nonstick Saute Pans

$41.99 for a package of two at Amazon
4/5 stars

I was given these pans through the Amazon Vine program in return for an honest review.

I generally do not use nonstick pans, due to PFOA concerns.  Clipper maintains that these are PFOA free, and while I only have their word for it, I was willing to give them a try.

These are extremely sturdy, heavy gauge, saute pans, with a strong handle that is ergonomic and well attached.  They are 10 inch pans and are deep enough and wide enough for a stir fry or other large recipes.

Cooking with it was easy: non stick (naturally), deep enough to keep from flipping food out, and though heavy, easy to handle.  Other reviewers note that the handle stayed cool; for me, it did get almost uncomfortably warm. (Hence four stars instead of five.) When I cook with it again, I will make sure that this isn't due to user error, and will update accordingly.

The Eterna nonstick coating appears to be durable, and Eterna has received good reviews for it's durability.  This will be proved or disproved as time goes on, and I will update my review should I find it beginning to flake within a few months.

The pan was a breeze to clean: a quick wipe in the dishwater and all food particles were gone.

The price may be off-putting to some, at over $20 per pan (these come in a set of two).  However, if the longevity of the pan matches the obvious good quality, then it is an investment that is well worth making.

On a personal note:
I am not a good cook, and certainly not good at frying or sauteing, but I was certainly impressed.  Besides doing all I said above, they are of such weight that I might keep one by my bed, in case of intruders!  

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