Wednesday, November 27, 2013

We Interrupt This Blog. . .

I started this blog with the intention of giving myself extra encouragement and a way to be accountable for tasks around the house.  It hasn't worked out as I had planned, but so little actually does!  =)  Trying to blog about my week in review and plans for the next week has begun to feel like an unpleasant (and dreaded) chore instead of an interesting way to help me stay on task.  I plan to step away from this blog (yes, even the book lists, challenges, etc..) and concentrate on other things for now.

On another topic. .. May your Thanksgiving be occasioned by true thankfulness.


  1. well you are a lovely writer and I will certainly miss your updates
    But I totally understand not writing when it turns into a chore- one more item on a to do list
    That is the rule I have for myself - write for pleasure and only pleasure- sometimes in the middle of a post I get tired . But I remember how much I like to read my posts from the past so I persist

  2. I'll miss your posts too but you have to do what makes you happy! I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving!