Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I am going to have a nautical theme for my August mantle.  I have a ship cross-stitched from about 25 years ago, but wanted at least one more piece.  I found this simple but striking free pattern and was immediately struck by it.

I decided to use variegated floss for the first time. I did okay with it, but not great.  I guess it's a good first effort. . .  I definitely want to use it again, but will need to see if I can find some tutorials on how to stitch with it properly.

When I started on my second row of chevrons tonight, I noticed that I am somehow off a few stitches--just enough to make my chevrons uneven.  I know it can be fixed, but I'm just too disappointed to deal with it.  I'll put it aside and either find the problem later, restart it after the piece I just began, or just give it up all together.

You can't tell from this photo, but the cloth is pale blue.


  1. Great! I'm proud my pattern is been stitched! Please don't put it away, I'd love to see your work finished! Hope you can send me a picture to : l'arbreaidees@gmail.com !

  2. larbreaidees@gmail.com ... Sorry :-)

  3. Thanks! I will try to fix my mistake, or even just do it all over. It is such a striking pattern!