About This Blog

There is no specific theme to this blog.  It's just a mishmash of what I like and experiences I have--things that make me who I am.

You'll find me blogging about my journey to become a more organized and better homemaker and cook.

There will be bits about the crafts I'm working on and the books I'm reading, along with some of the photos I've taken.

I expect there will be a lot about my cats.

If you are looking for homemaking tips, or recipes, or craft ideas, well. . . this isn't the place.  I can give you some good suggestions, though:  One Artsy Mama, the Pennington Point, 4 You With Love, the Frugal Girls.

Otherwise, you are welcome to grind along with me as I try to level up in my housewifery skills, from a newbie level one to a more acceptable, veteran level.


I use my own photographs (stamped GPBATES and the year) or royalty free vintage images.  Please respect my work and do not reproduce my images in any way (including sharing via Tumblr or We Heart It) without asking me first.

The royalty free vintage images generally come from Dover Publications products,  the Graphics Fairy, and Tack-O-Rama, with other free images coming from sites like Goodnight Little Spoon, The Cottage Market or Pugly Pixel.  If you like what you see on my blog, you'll find great stuff on these sites.

With the exception of book covers or product advertisement photos, I try to only use royalty free images, or those that I have purchased or taken myself. If I have used your image by mistake, please let me know.

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