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I always dreamed of being a full-time homemaker.  After all, Mom made it look so awesome, so easy, so rewarding!

When medical issues caused me to quit working and become a full-time homemaker, myself, I was (and most often, still am) overwhelmed by all that needs to be done-- not just the daily chores, but the big things that didn't get done when I worked.  We just made do with the minimum of organization and housework, because we both worked to exhaustion each week.

Now, I'm trying to create a peaceful, organized home in a house that (at 80+ years old) generally tries to work against me and with half the money for expenses.  I'm learning to make do, to be creative and to be brave and try new things.

It is hard!  But, I'm trying!

I am not very social network minded, but. . .
If you are interested, I can be found on facebook under my pseudonym, Medb O'Hanlon.
I post my photo creations on my flickr account and am always glad to have visitors.


My family consists of a wonderful, supportive husband and two cats of differing ages and personalities.

My husband was my friend first, and is my best friend now.  I am very blessed to have him and that he is so understanding, patient and loving.  I don't have any recent photos of us, as we both gained a lot of weight in our first few years of marriage (we were married in July 2001) and as a result we got out of the habit of having our photos taken.  I plan to remedy this though, because I just recently realized that the weight I put on is happy weight. . . I would much rather have gained weight in this uncommonly happy marriage than to have stayed thin and not be with him!

Elizabeth Regina (Lizzie or LizzieLouLa) is the oldest of our three.  We adopted her as a rescue and have been exceedingly blessed by her ever since.  She is so sweet; she is the most loving cat I've had.  She just lavishes us with love and affection.  She likes to play, and is finally accepting the kitten as a possible playmate.

St. John (pronouced "SIN jin" to rhyme with engine) is a whirlwind. My parents' neighbor saw someone dumping  him and his sister and rescued them both.  They kept the girl and we took St. John.  He was just barely a month old, and has kept me extremely busy these past six months.  He is a joy, though, and (despite having a lot of doubt about keeping him at first) I am so glad we have him.  
This is St. John at five months, "helping" me put up socks.


I am a Christian, in love with God and I desire more than anything to know Him more.  

I am also a bibliophile.  I love reading, owning books, talking about books, looking at books. . . . I just love books and have since the age of three when I taught myself to read.  I have no problem with electronic books--I adore my Kindle--and I am glad that more people are reading thanks to the Kindles and Nooks.  I prefer tangible books, but as my favorite literature is Victorian and Edwardian, it's easier for me to find it for the Kindle.  I am extremely opinionated about books, especially books-to-movies, but I do try not to be annoying about it.

I am also a gamer.  I love PC games (both the long, difficult, serious games and the casual, lighter games), board games and card games; I also love puzzles, both jigsaw and mental.  I am an only child and never got enough game playing.

I am relatively new to crafting.  In my twenties I was a cross-stitch addict.  I have recently returned to that with a passion.  I also used to scrapbook, before life got out of hand, and I am trying to return to that.  I love to make cards, I have fallen in love with Washi tape and it's uses and am going to try my hand at cutting and handsewing quilt squares in the near future.  I have tried to crochet (can never get my rows to end/start right) and to knit (I can do pretty well if I'm just knitting straight lines for scarfs or kitty blankets) but they didn't "take".  I keep seeing lovely things on Pinterest that I want to try--I'm hoping as I get more organized and braver, that I will start attempting new crafts.

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