Sunday, October 6, 2013

Looking Back

I started my week off by leaving my phone on top of the car.  This was the result:

Even though it would turn on, I couldn't use it because it was a touch screen.  I was SO mad at myself!  I picked an inexpensive one this time.

There was construction outside our home this week, and I think it was the beginnings of tapping us into the city water.  I am so looking forward to having this finished. 

The best news of the week: I won a drawing for $115 to PayPal!  My husband is adamant that it is to be used only for me.  I see visions of books and crafting items!

  • I did quite a bit of cooking.  I am becoming more adept and less nervous; I even think about wanting to cook, which is totally new.  
  • I used this recipe to make the best gluten free biscuits I have eaten.  They tasted like I remember biscuits tasting, though not as fluffy.  I'll be having them again soon!
  • Cleaned the bathroom; the tub is the bane of my existence, but I found a new foam handled scrub brush that I like and that doesn't hurt my hand which made it so much easier.  Sadly, I threw away the packaging and can't find it online no matter what I Google.  If I ever find out, I'll write a post in it's praise.
  • Finished arranging the dining room/pantry combo.  It still needs a few things done to it, but I'm not ashamed of it now.
  • I brought home a new hermit crab to join our colony.
  • I have taken a photo every day this week, of which I am proud.  I'm trying to get back to daily photos as I find it so enjoyable and life-giving.
  • recycled an old flannel shirt into strips to dry dishes on
  • I reinstalled my favorite game of all time, Zoo Tycoon, and have spent many hours playing it.  My husband bought it for my Christmas gift our first year together, and for the past twelve years I have played it for at least a month each year.  I hated the sequel, but this one has stood the test of time!
  • Completed the first week and second weeks of the Autumn Sampler.

I still feel like I'm at a standstill in most of my organizing and rearranging projects.  I'll get my husband's help with the heavy things when he takes off next month and hopefully that will get me over this hump.

Meanwhile, plans for next week include:
  • Still need to clean out the tiny closet in the "closet room" and see if I can make it usable, but it needs the door taken off first.  
  • still need to measure and plan out what will be needed for the rest of my craft supply shelves
  • Still need to reorganize the two kitchen cabinets that are left; this isn't urgent but I'll be glad to have it done.
  • Begin to sort out the junk drawer, tool drawer and miscellaneous drawer in the kitchen.  Notice I said "begin". I expect it will be a chore!
  • write up my thoughts on Breakfast at Tiffany's and The Maltese Falcon
  • It has stayed way too hot, despite being autumn, so my outside activities have been limited.  If the weather is cooler this coming week, I'd like to get outside and mow and maybe trim some branches.
  • continue working on the Autumn Sampler

I am thankful for:
  • unexpected gifts
  • family
  • leaves changing color
  • Bach
  • gluten free biscuits and gravy

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