Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Looking Back

This past week was spent fighting migraines, so it wasn't extremely eventful.  I did make a buttermilk pie which turned out wonderful, and some cream cheese mints that weren't so great (sort of like eating icing).  I have been cooking so much lately; I am astounded at myself!

I made two bird feeders, to replace the ones that had finally worn out after over a year.  I use plastic gallon water jugs, and just cut out an opening.  (Make sure to leave a good sized lip on the bottom to keep the seeds from spilling out.)  The birds have no trouble using them, and while they might not be the most stylish feeders on the block, I like knowing I've recycled a jug to make them.  This time I added a thin branch through it, just in case a bird would like a perch.  I've not noticed them using it, but it is kind of cute.
There was a fantastic concert held at my church on Thursday night.  It consisted of our local symphony's chamber orchestra and maestro, two retired opera singers, two opera students, a professor of music on the organ, our local chamber choir and my church's parish choir.  The acoustics in my church are fantastic, and the concert was breathtaking.  They performed Haydn's Theresienmesse in B flat and it was so amazing that I was in tears at several points. Mom and I had the best seats, I think, at the rail of the right hand balcony.   Such a lovely evening!   

Photo borrowed from my church's web page.
In more homey news. . . St. John is getting so long!  He still looks like a baby in the face, but boy is he long!

I don't particularly have any plans for this week, as I am still having migraine trouble.  I just plan to keep the house clean, keep us both fed and cross stitch.

I am thankful for:
  • pumpkin pie spice kisses
  • autumn even if it autumn allergies do give me migraines
  • Haydn 
  • it seems we've found a new vet
  • homemade biscuits
  • audio books

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