Saturday, November 9, 2013

Looking Back on October

This October was a gorgeous month: we had mostly enjoyable weather, and the autumn colors were brilliant and long-lasting.  I love October. . .  As Anne Shirley says, "I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers."

Despite this, October was a difficult month for me--hence my disappearance from blogging.  I was unable to stick to my tasks, and did not accomplish much.  I'm trying to ignore that part of the month, though, and focus on the good.

  • We finally got the water situation resolved!  We are now on "city water" (though I suppose it's more "county water", or perhaps I should say "pay-per-flush". . . ) and I am ecstatic about it.  No more muddy water when we have big rains, no more lime-y water that cakes on every thing, and most importantly, no more worries about e.Coli.

    I expect the first bill will be a shock, and I'll have to conserve more than I have been accustomed, but it will still be well worth the cost!

  • Mom's birthday was in October.  She and I celebrated with a mother-daughter day: lunch out and a bit of shopping.  I am so blessed that she lives close by, now.  It is such a pleasure to spend time with her.
  • I finished The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery's Autumn Sampler.

     I still think the second square is my favorite, I just love those leaves!  Number twenty-two is a close second.

    Of course, I adore all the kawaii foods and objects, too.  That is how I found the Frosted Pumpkin--googling for kawaii cross stitch patterns!

    My husband settled on number 23 as his favorite, which is also lovely.  Nineteen, too, with the night sky and full moon.

    I am proud of the fabric, too.  I used chocolate brown Rit and dyed it just lightly to make the pale rusty color.  I am enjoying making my own fabric colors; I may never buy colored cloth again!

  • I took a photo every day in October!  This is a big deal, as I consider photo taking a type of therapy.  Last year, I took a photo nearly every day for the entire year.  I had not done so well up until October.

    Here is one of my favorites from the month:

I am trying hard to snap out of my funk, and I hope that in November (another month I love, with my favorite non-birthday holiday) I can do this.  I am thankful for so much; I just want to be able to show it!

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