Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Privacy, Please!

Seems like every thing around this house is an emergency.  "I tend to wait until it IS an emergency", is probably a more accurate statement. . .   I tend to put off or forget or just plain procrastinate.  This really was an emergency though.

St. John (the 7 month old kitten who registers about a 9.4 on the Richter scale) likes to go outside.  Due to many concerns, he only goes outside with me and on a harness.  (He has no trouble with it, thanks to us training him to wear it from about the age of a month.  I'll have to post a photo of him in it sometime.  He's a hoot!)  So, St. John likes to go outside and he likes to tell me when he wants to go outside.  Like any toddler, he is very verbal about his wants.  Generally, I can comply or redirect him and we're all good.  I couldn't get it across to him, at this time, that yes we'd go outside but not right now.  (I really need to take a Feline Conversation course.)  So, he began to jump up the front door.  Whether he was trying to open it or trying to look out, I have no idea, but the end result was the blinds broken on the floor and him hanging from his front claws to the window pane.  It was hysterically funny, and I laughed long and hard about it, but it left me with a wide open three pained window going half way down the door.

I have a LOT of phobias and the like, and having a front door that anyone can see into sent quivers of icky feelings all down my spine.

I tried hanging up a curtain, but it was too long and too wide.  Then I remembered this post I saw on The Frugal Girls:

How to Add Privacy to Your Front Door with Scrapbook Paper
I had loved the idea when I saw it, and pinned it for later remembering.  I had no vellum, no matching pretty papers, but I did have three letter sized sheets of gray, three letter sized sheets of blue and three letter sized sheets of a light mossy green.  It looks horrible! Thanks to it being different colors on each side of the paper, it looks even worse from the inside.  Egads!   (And, of course, the door needs to be painted, but that hasn't reached emergency levels yet.) Regardless of how bad it looks, at least it has canceled out a privacy emergency and for that I am grateful! Now I can wait until next shopping trip to find another curtain or blind or some such stuff for a permanent fix.  That is, assuming that St. John doesn't tear it off in the meantime!

(If you look carefully, in the bottom window pane you can see St. John reflected as he cries at the door.)

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