Saturday, May 4, 2013

Spring Sampler: Completed!

Finished the final week of the Spring Sampler last night.  I was sorry to finish it.  Such a cute project!  Hopefully they will do summer and autumn ones too!

Completed project; I really like it on the pale blue.

The puff balls were my favorite of the entire sampler!

Allergies have beaten me down all week, so I've done very little.  The dishes are backed up, and I just finished the laundry in time to start it again.  I finished listening to a disappointing audio book (A is for Alibi); I had hoped it would be a series I would enjoy, as there are quite a few, but alas.  It has certainly been a better week than last week though. :)

I did make mints, though, from this recipe.  They were quite good, though they didn't turn out exactly like the recipe/pictures made them look.  Gave me an idea to create another recipe from them, though, which is exciting as I never experiment with recipes.

  St. John is eight months now!  Time certainly does fly by!

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