Friday, May 24, 2013

Looking Back on a Good Week

It's been another good week. I'm starting to feel like I can accomplish things in the house!

I did the grocery shopping and took the books and cds to the used bookstore.  Remember how I speculated that I'd come home with as many as I took to sell?  Well. . . . I didn't bring back quite that many.

I'm really excited with my finds.  I've been on a cozy mystery kick, and some of them are hard to find at the library.  Most of these authors are new to me, but if I don't like them I can always trade them in for more.  Golly, I love books!

I also started pulling our books out of the various bookshelves and sorting them in the living room floor.  I'm sorting by alphabetical, nonfiction and devotional/Bible study.  My husband is going to build us some sturdier, taller shelves (maybe this weekend) and I plan to put the fiction in alphabetical order (like mine always were until I married and didn't take the time to merge our two groups) and the nonfiction in Dewey decimal order.  I get tired of not being able to find the book I'm looking for amongst all the other books.  I'm super excited to do this, being a book nerd and all.  I'm also sorting out the short stories to put in a separate section if they are by multiple authors.  I'm going to break with the Dewey and put plays and poetry in with fiction, though, because to my mind they are fiction and should not be in the nonfiction.  I've always struggled with that!  The devotional books will stay in my bedroom bookshelves, but I'll be sure that I have them all in there, as sometimes they get scattered.  I'll probably put my husband's Civil War books in his bedroom bookshelf, if there is room.  That is his special area of interest, and I want to be sure they are readily available to him to browse and admire.

Can I admit that I don't remember anything at all about Tuesday?!  I think that must be when I caught up on all the dishes left over from the weekend (we don't have an automatic dishwasher).  Yes, I think that was it, and I made chili too.  I really like to put grated cheese on tortilla chips, melt it in the toaster oven, and then spread my homemade chili over top.  Super yummy.  And super messy!  I can't believe how easy chili is to make.  I created my own recipe:
saute garlic and onions in olive oil
add 1 large can of crushed tomatoes
and 2 cans of beans (I prefer black beans, but sometimes I put in a can of Great Northerns with the black)\
and 1 1/2 tablespoons of cumin
and 1 1/2 teaspoons of chili powder
plus salt and pepper to taste
Simmer until the flavors blend and voilĂ .  

Oh, yes, I just remembered!  On Tuesday, I made a new covering for our front door. St. John broke the blinds some time ago, and I had covered the panes with scrapbook paper for privacy.  It looked terrible, but it was all I could do at the time.  

I made a sort of fake stained glass to cover our door.  It looks silly, but it also looks happy, so I don't mind.  I put a sheet of wax paper across each pane.  Then I took another sheet of wax paper and taped on shapes from scrapbook paper and put it across the pane (so that the shapes were sandwiched between the wax paper sheets).  You can see the tape from the inside, and if I were to make it better and fancier, I'd buy contact paper to sandwich them in between so there wouldn't be any tape.  But, it provides color and privacy, so I don't care that it looks childish.  My husband gave me a huge compliment, saying it looked hippie-ish, so that means he doesn't mind it too badly either. :)

Wednesday was a good and busy day.  Noon Communion, followed by lunch with Mom at Chick-fil-a (one of the only two fast places a person with Celiac can have fries).  Then she and I went to Joann craft store and I scored an amazing deal!   I got an $80 OttLite full sprectrum desk lamp for $19.99! It was marked down to $39; when it rang up even cheaper, I went back and got another! I am SOOOO excited!  After that, we parted ways and I went to Sam's and Big Lots.  On my way home, I texted my husband that I would pick up his perscription at Walgreens, but he didn't hear the text and headed that way too.  I pulled in behind him in the drive-through! Imagine my surprise when he got out of the work truck (which I never recognize) and came up to my window!  Surprise meetings with him always make my day!

Wednesday night I did some more furniture shifting.  When we moved my desk, I found a cache of lost kitty toys.
Every one of those was under that desk!  I thought the stove and refrigerator was the only kitty toy black hole!

Goodness, that was just yesterday!
I found a wonderful spring cleaning list, broken down into easy daily tasks and started doing it.  Yesterday was the stove and microwave.  I couldn't believe how nice the oven door looked when I was done!

I found the list here at Organize and Decorate Everything.  I get overwhelmed very quickly with large tasks, which has been the problem getting the house organized.  Having it broken down so nicely is great!  

I also made my homemade macaroni and cheese (a staple in my house).  I like to add broccoli to it and lately  I've been adding green peas also.  Quite yummy.

I made butter mints last night, too, but again that recipe didn't turn out quite right.  I'll have to try a different one.  This one, with sweetened condensed milk, just doesn't work well for me.

Today I cleaned out the fridge, and since I don't have a dishwasher, I started on tomorrow's spring cleaning chore and cleaned some of the cabinet doors.  

Here is my current work in progress, though I've not done much this week.
The Frosted Pumpkin did a Fruit of the Month sampler a few years ago.  I bought it, but had not completed it.  I've decided to do each fruit separately  so they can be displayed during the month.  Plus, I can put them on varying pastel colors, depending on what looks best with that fruit.  This is the May lemon, being worked on pink Aida.

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