Sunday, May 19, 2013

Goodbye TV! Hello Strawberry Cobbler!

Had an amazingly productive afternoon/evening.  I packed up our television, video/DVD players and all the remotes and my husband removed them to the basement.  Then I packed up all the VHS movies we still have left (some I just couldn't part with, as they are no longer available, like my trio of Jane Austen social history films), alphabetized them, put them in boxes and made a list for the top of the box as to what movies were inside the box.

How much better the living room looks with all that gone!

Neither my husband or I were television watchers when we were married, and neither of us had cable.  I hadn't had cable since I moved out on my own; I only watched public television.  He had discarded his when he began playing computer games more than watching  shows.  As a result, we've never been a television family.  We've never had cable, or even had it hooked up to an antenna.  When I would hear about something good produced by public television, I'd make a note and check for it at the library.

We used to watch a DVD or video on the weekends, in the early years of our marriage, but we dropped that rather soon.  We'd rather play a game together or read together.

We do have Amazon Prime (have had it since it's earliest inception) and that has expanded to include streaming shows.  All the public television shows/movies I would be interested in are there, and I have caught up on the new Doctor Who (I am proud to state I have been a fan since the 80's, and frankly still prefer the crappy sets of my youth) and some of the newer Austen adaptations (most of which have been terrible) while cross stitching.

So, it finally occurred to me, as I wrestled with moving the living room furniture once again, that we just didn't need the television and accouterments   I can't remember the last time either of us used it.  Wait, yes I can; I had a sleepless night last spring and watched Far From the Madd'ing Crowd from start to finish.  Again, I'll say how much nicer the living room looks without it!

Since I was in the spring cleaning mode, I also culled our computer games and our music CDs.  They are boxed and labeled like the videos, the CD player will be joining the television in the basement, while a select few (mostly Baroque and jazz) are now stored next to my computer.  I have a milk crate full to go to the used book/music store this week, which means I'll probably come home with another shelf full of books from the credit.

I have culled my books so often over the last three years, that only a skeleton crew remain.  Which means that we still have about 8 full bookcases, one of which is the entire hall wall.  We were literally stepping over piles of books when I started culling.  I hate to get rid of books, but I'm trying to make our home more organized, and to make some space, I'm having to do so.  Of course, the fact that I just keep on bringing in more doesn't help a lot. . .

Now, after I did all that, I made two strawberry cobblers with some berries that weren't good for eating.  They turned out great, and we had huge helpings.  I'm getting braver in the kitchen! :)

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  1. what a drastic step in the living room!!! all in one day?