Sunday, August 25, 2013

Looking Back

This week has been an odd one, getting used to Jack being gone, and trying to get back into good routines.  The past two weeks were filled with much worry over JackJack and affected me more than I realized at the time.

Both of the other kitties have adjusted well to Jack being gone.  They, too, knew it was time.  I'm surprised at how much more peaceful our home has been this week.  That shows just how restless he was from pain and stress.  Knowing that has been confirmation of our decision.

I was so exhausted by Wednesday, after the vet on Monday and grocery shopping on Tuesday, that I skipped the noon Communion service.  I always feel a bit empty for the rest of the week when I do that.

This past week I:
  • made delicious oatmeal cookies from this recipe
  • moved three of four bookcases into our closet room, and began filling them with clothes
  • added another three-drawer rolly thingee to the closet room and filled it with clothes from the dresser
  • filled the empty dresser drawers with blankets
  • began to organize my craft supplies and photo props on shelves my husband built for me
  • read two books and listened to two audio books
  • baked my favorite crustless quiche, using tomatoes, broccoli, cheddar and fresh herbs from Mom's garden
  • began and finished The Frosted Pumpkin's Greetings from the Beach pattern

I think the pufferfish is my favorite.

A layer of cheese on the bottom makes a type of crust.  

Next week I would like to:
  • Mop that blasted kitchen floor; it keeps getting bumped to the bottom of the list.
  • move the last bookshelf to the closet room
  • get all the clothes and blankets into their new places on bookshelves
  • not miss a day taking photos (I've only missed two days this month and that was this past week)
  • reorganize the kitchen cabinets, if Mom has time to help

I am thankful for:
  • the support of friends and family during our difficult time with our vet
  • books to read and the time to read them
  • recipes that I can use successfully 
  • a toaster oven to use when the big oven goes wonky
  • a husband that will build shelves for me
  • that touch of autumn in the air


  1. That pattern is adorable! Great job stitching it up. :)

    1. I had so much fun with that pattern! I feel like it's the best cross-stitching I've ever done, too. I followed the suggestions the Frosted Pumpkin ladies have been giving out and couldn't believe how good my stitches looked!