Saturday, August 3, 2013

My Friday Fives (a day late)

Good grief what a week!  The fact that this is a day late. . . well, let's just say that the fact it's posted at all is pretty amazing!

My husband had the week off and we did quite a bit around the house; we are exhausted!  I've been an extra trial to him, on top of the work, by being cranky most of the week.  I should add "be less cranky" to my goals for next week!

St. John is now 11 months old!  He is finally slowing down and beginning to show some lazy cat-like behavior!  He was napping right before I took these, but he tends to show that pretty white tum to lure me in, so he can eat my hands when I try to pet it!

Doncha wanna pet my belly?!?!

  1. Moved the couch out of the living room and into the "sun room/Florida room".
  2. Moved the office out of the dining room and into the former living room.
  3. Moved the dining room table out of the Florida room and into the the dining room.
  4. Made a chocolate pie for my husband for our anniversary.
  5. Still miraculously managed two doctor's appointments, grocery shopping, a vet visit and one load of laundry!

  1. Mom's homemade copycat Frosty--yummy!
  2. A trip to the hobby store.
  3. A free birthday iced, half-caf, soy vanilla latte from Starbucks!
  4. A free birthday (turkey) burger with freckled fruit from Red Robin!
  5. Five rolls of Washi tape picked out by my husband for me!

  1. Move office to living room area.
  2. Move couch to "Florida room".
  3. Move dining table to former office.
We completed the only three goals I set for this week, and I am quite proud of our efforts!

  1. The kitchen needs to be mopped even more, now!
  2. Move the pantry to it's new home in the dining room, which requires a first step of. . .
  3. . . . taking down the utility shelves used in the former office so that the pantry shelves can be put up, which requires a first step of. . . 
  4. Finding a new home, even if just temporary, for the things on the utility shelves in the former office.
  5. The bathroom needs an extra good cleaning, since this week was otherwise occupied.
  6. (bonus goal: be less cranky!)

big yawn from Jack
  1. Family that loves me, even when I struggle.
  2. sweet kitties
  3. tomatoes
  4. books to read and. . . 
  5. . . . time to read them

In an effort to reflect more positively on what I accomplish and to plan goals more reasonably, I'm going to start writing out My Friday Fives.


  1. Your kitties are completely adorable!

    1. Thanks! They are spoiled (in case you couldn't tell)!