Friday, July 26, 2013

My Friday Fives

Another week with two sick days, allergies/migraine, plus, a day off spent with Mom (always a pleasure).  As a result, I don't feel like I accomplished much this week at all.  Mom says that sometimes all one does get done is the "dailies", and that's about all it was this week.

  1. Finished week three of the Summer Sampler.
  2. Made homemade cream cheese brownies.
  3. Did much better on taking daily photos.
  4. Washed the hamster house.
  5. Made a loaf of bread.
The Frapaccio is my favorite from this third week.

  1. Mom's homegrown, homemade veggie soup.
  2. New whisk and pint-and-a-half wide mouth mason jars!
  3. Lots of help from the kitties.
  4. Excellent visit with Mom.
  5. Cool fruity freezer pops on hot days.

  1. Wash and store the hamster house.
    Washed, but not packed away yet.  The hard part is done though!
  2. Mop the kitchen floor.
    Not yet!
  3. Take daily photos (I refuse to give up on this!).
    Did well this week!
  4. Prepare the living room for the upcoming massive overhaul (it's going to become the office in a couple of weeks).
    =(  Drat!
  5. Do something with the closet in the spare room (what, I won't know til I see just what can be done).
    Never even thought about it!

My husband is off next week, and we have super big plans!
  1. Move office to living room area.
  2. Move couch to "Florida room".
  3. Move dining table to former office.
If we get that done, I'll be extremely happy!

  1. heirloom tomatoes
  2. a comfortable bed
  3. Celestial Seasonings tea
  4. rain
  5. migraine medicine

In an effort to reflect more positively on what I accomplish and to plan goals more reasonably, I'm going to start writing out My Friday Fives.

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