Friday, July 5, 2013

My Friday Fives

In an effort to reflect more positively on what I accomplish and to plan goals more reasonably, I'm going to start writing out My Friday Fives.

Fox and Puffballs--my favorite so far!

  1. Used and reviewed the gluten free sugar cookie mix I got from the Amazon Vine program.  
  2. Cleaned the living room of cobwebs, as well as the living room ceiling fan--and decorated it with Washi Tape.
  3. Reorganized my embroidery floss into my own system.  I'm hopeful this will work better for me! 
  4. Caulked around the backstop of the tub.
    It's not pretty. . . it's not even homely (!) but it will do.  (I hope!)
  5. Completed the July portion of the  The Frosted Pumpkin's Woodland Sampler.

  1. Received many, MANY books in the mail this week!
  2. Received several gifts of home-grown veggies: tomatoes, cucumbers, beans and peppers.  I am so blessed!
  3.  I got four new, fantastic body sprays from Hip Hop Candy: Unicorn Poo, Angel Bunny, Frosted Cupcake and Sugared Bamboo.  I just adore all their fragrances--I go around spraying myself with different ones all through the day. 
  4.  St. John asked for a belly rub for the first time!
  5. Better electrical wiring, thanks to my husband and his friend!  Now I can use the chest freezer we bought with our income tax return!

Two ARCs from Amazon Vine and
15 vintage mysteries that were pretty much stolen from an ebay seller.
I am the half proud, half embarrassed owner of 36 cheesy romantic suspense novels by Emilie Loring. (Another shamefully cheap deal from ebay.)  Loring was one of my favorites when I was a young teen, and I've been going through a phase of wanting to read the things I enjoyed so much during my young days. Of course, the true mystery of these books will be whether or not I will admit it on here when I read one!

  1. Use and review the gluten free sugar cookie mix I got from the Amazon Vine program.  Accomplished!
  2. Return to taking my photos every day.
    I have really done poorly with my photos over the past few months.  Last year, I achieved nearly one photo a day.  This year, my inspiration has been much lower.  
  3. Caulk around the tub.
  4. Dust away the cobwebs in the living room.
  5. Complete the second week of The Frosted Pumpkin's Summer Sampler.
    The July portion of their Woodland Sampler came, and I finished it first.

  1. Find a home for the things that got stacked up on the chest freezer when the electricity went funky and the freezer was out of service. (Isn't it funny how any unused space becomes a place for stacking homeless objects?!?!)
  2. Read at least half of one of the ARCs I need to review.
    Accomplished!  Completed and reviewed one both of the books. (second review
  3. Return to taking my photos every day.  Trying this one again.  Photo-taking brings me joy; I want to reignite that spark.
  4. Sort through the box of things that I found in the cupboard above the refrigerator (that belong to my mother-in-law from when she lived in this house a loooong time ago).
    Woot!  Done!
  5. Sort through the coats for keepers and donations.

  1. books
  2. good doctors
  3. medication that works
  4. rainy days
  5. electricity