Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day, and This Week in Review

In honor of Father's Day, here are two very important Fathers.

Me and My Dad

I never met my Father-in-law, and don't have a photo of him with my husband, but here he is at Fort Jackson, S.C. in the early 1950's.  He's the handsome man smoking a pipe, behind the desk. 


About this week. . . .

This week has been a bit out-of-the-ordinary, so I'm behind on my spring cleaning schedule.  I'm not stressing over it, well I'm trying not to, because that's life!

My husband was on vacation Monday and Tuesday, and everything falls by the wayside when he is on vacation.  I spend the next day catching up on dishes, as I tend to just sit around with him when he is home.  I'm lucky in that I married my best friend--if the only downside is a messy house, so be it!

Mom came over Wednesday and gave me a hair cut.  I have naturally curly hair, and all my life it's been a trauma trying to find a professional to give me a decent cut.  So, for most of my life, Mom has cut it for me and done a darn good job.  We are living close together again after about 10 years, and after several years of lazy, long, just-pull-it-off-my face hair, I had her cut it into a stylish bob for me again.  It looks SO much better.  It feels better too--my hair is so thick and heavy, that it took an hour to thin it out.  There was probably a pound of hair in the trash can.  Every time I lifted the lid, my heart stopped!  It looked like a corpse was crammed in our trash can!  Anyway, my hair is so much nicer now; I'm so grateful that Mom is willing to take the time to cut it!

On Thursday, I was going to run errands, but slept late.  (I don't generally go to sleep before 3 a.m., and often later, so sleeping late can end up being quite late!)  Turned out to be a good thing, though, because a rare tornado came through our county right at the time I would have been out and about.  I was glad to be home; if I had been out, I would have been so worried about the cats!

Friday was errand day--just a quick trip out and back with time to work more on sorting books.  I'm trying to get them all ready for my husband's shelves.  I am disappointed that I didn't do more than daily dishes and sweeping (I haven't even cleaned the bathroom this week), but it was a short week and there is always next week.  It's not like the house is going anywhere!

Saturday we went for a lovely drive into the next county for fresh produce.  We got tomatoes, cucumbers, cantaloupes, Vidalia onions and apples.  I sure do hate hot weather y'all, but I sure do love the fruits of a growing season!

A road trip for us generally means taking cameras and stopping to snap any interesting thing we see.  That is one of my joys in life, and I'm so lucky he shares that pleasure too!

Mom's garden has already produced it's first mess of green beans.  They were yummy too!  I'm hoping her cucumbers will produce enough for me, too, as I never can get enough!

first fruits of Mom's garden
I've not been cross-stitching much this week, as I've been reading more than crafting.  I am still working on the frames for the Frosted Pumpkin's Summer Sampler, but I've not been working as steadily on it as I would like.  The first patterns will be released on June 21st, so I'd better get a move-on!

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