Wednesday, June 12, 2013


My husband has been off for a few days, which has been nice.  We've been out to eat, spent some evenings outside (when the whether permitted), took a trip to the hobby store, and have nearly completed the bookshelves in our bedroom.  They'll be like the ones in the hall, only shorter, and on each side of the bed.  I"m so pleased with them!  Once his shelves are up, I plan to decorate them Washi like I did the ones in the hall.  It adds such a great finishing touch.

My side is up and about half way filled.  I have to wait to see what will need to be added to my side once we fill up his.  I don't think his side will hold much more than his Civil War and WWII  nonfiction.  I thought I had a lot more history/nonfiction that I do in my topics of interests (but I have been doing a lot more purging, due to space issues).  If this works out well, I'll be able to fill up some of the gaps in my information gathering!

More lovely uses for Washi...  After I did the spring cleaning in the bedroom (cleaning the ceiling fan just fascinated the cats) I decorated the fan with these:

 I like how it looks spinning and still.  I feel so ridiculously happy when I see it; can't explain it.  Washi just fills me with a giddy since of delight.  I'll probably have to do the rest of the ceiling fans, too.


St. John is nine months now.  Time has gone by so quickly!  He didn't seem to grow much this month, and now I'm worried that he might stay a runtling, despite my attempts at good nutrition.  He is extremely long, has big feet, and his tail is huge, but he's not bulking out any.

(Excuse my messy self, but we were having a stay-at-home day.)

As you can tell, he has no trouble wearing his harness/leash.  He even climbs up and down trees wearing it (he is the only cat I have encountered that knows how to come down a tree) and jumps from one tree to the next like a squirrel.  He also jumps and runs after bugs, bees and leaves.  I have to stay on my toes and anticipate his next move when we're out for a "walk".  I think I'm the one that gets the most exercise from our daily adventures!


Last week, I Finished the June firefly from the Frosted Pumpkin's Woodland Sampler.  It's super cute.  I used Krenik gold floss for the sparklies.

I forgot to post a photo when I finished the May gnome, so here he is.  I also used the Krenik gold for his belt buckle.

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