Monday, June 3, 2013

Not Bad, for a Monday

One of my favorite bloggers just posted "Days Are Hard".  Now, I'm not reveling in someone else's misfortune, don't get me wrong, but it does me good to realize that other people, the typical folks, those that can get out of bed every day, have hard, overwhelming days too.  I'm not special. . . at least, not in that way.  I'm not the only person that has bad days.  I need to be reminded of that more often.  I get so self-centered in my illness, so sure that I've got it worse than anyone else, even knowing that I don't.

So, while I hate that she had one of those days, I'm extremely grateful that she shared it.


I, on the hand, had one of my good days. :)  I visited three stores and the bank.  I didn't have a panic attack in any of them, despite having inferior (i.e. non-sound isolating) earbuds.  I've fed the cats, made chili-cheese cornbread (my own recipe) for my husband, put up most of the groceries, played with my scrapbook paper, nearly finished the laundry, piddled about with odds and ends of this and that, and am about to finish the dishes.  I'm tired, but not lethargic; it's a good tired, a successful tired. Plus, it's only 11:30p, and I've got hours of work in me yet.  


My husband finished building the shelves in our hallway last night, and I finished putting the books on them in the wee hours this morning.  They look great!  I added my Target brand Washi tape to the edges for some color and I'm pleased with how it looks.  I am going to have to add some glue (I have wood glue; hopefully it will work well) to two of the boards to keep the tape stuck.  I think it isn't sticking because of the roughness of the wood grain on those two.  It's a small thing though.
Here you can see five of the six shelves.  I am so happy with them!  My husband did a great job!

I choose to use the Target Washi since it is easily replaceable; I didn't want to use around 18 feet of each color and then decide I didn't like it and then cry because I had wasted super special Washi tape.  Plus, this particular Target style was the perfect width.  I alternated with the blue (seen below) and the teal stripes.  I can't find the red bundle of Washi at either of my local Target stores.  I'm really sad about that too!  If anyone sees it in their local Target and is willing to go to the trouble of mailing me two sets, I'll be so glad to pay for it and the postage and your time too!
I <3 Washi tape! I <3 books!  The combination is swoon-worthy!

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  1. glad the books are up in the hallway ... major accomplishment for both of you!