Saturday, September 7, 2013

False Economy: a Review of Great Value Water Filters

I have used a Brita for about twenty years now.  We have two going all the time in our house (one in the fridge and one on the counter) and these filters make a discernible difference in the taste and quality of our well water.

I tend to stretch out replacing the filters longer than I should, though, because, well. . . the price!  Even with coupons, Brita filters are not cheap!  I don't know what they are priced around the country, but I generally pay about $16 for three filters.

So, you can imagine my excitement when, on going to purchase Brita replacement filters, I saw that Walmart had their own, priced at three filters for under $10!  As one who is I not averse to using generic brand products, whether it be food or other goods, I thought it was going to be a true blessing.

Boy, was I wrong.

The filters did fit our classic pitcher just as they should; no problem there.

However, that was pretty much where the comparison ended.

The first filter I put in the fridge pitcher didn't actually filter the water.  I don't mean that it let impurities get through. . . it didn't even let the water get through!  The water stayed up in the well and wouldn't trickle down.  I tried taking it out and putting it back in.  I tried gently shaking it.  I tried the initial soaking again.  Eventually,  I threw it away.

Okay, so now I've got two filters for $10 now.  Still a slightly better deal than the Brita though, and I assumed it was a fluke.

The second filter I put in the fridge pitcher seemed to work.  Good deal.

Then the counter pitcher stopped filtering, and did the same thing as the first fridge filter. This time though, it would sometimes drain and sometimes not.

By that time, the second fridge pitcher was beginning to act up as well, so, I just threw them both in the trash and bought a pack of Brita filters.

Which means that my experiment with Great Value filters eventually cost me about $8.60 a filter.

Buyer beware; don't make my mistake!

Note: This is my opinion.  If you disagree, write your own review.

Further note: I've been accused of being in the employ of Brita.  I am not, nor are any of my family or friends.


  1. I too found these great value filters slow draining, at first I thought it was my imagination until I read your review. I think rinsing them out at first then vigorously shaking them helped a little not much, but like you I don't think I will but them a second time. I wish they had a single filter so I could have just tried one first

    1. You have to soak them initially and then they filter just fine.

  2. You can always return anything at Walmart if not 100% satisfied with no questions asked. Even if you used them and were not satisfied they will return your money back

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  4. The problem is that air gets trapped in the filter. To deal with this issue, you have to firmly tap the top of the filter (with a knife or spoon handle, for example). You do this during the water filter's first use (right when you fill the top portion of the pitcher with water). You will see air bubbles come out of the filter if this is done properly. WADR, you speak rather authoritatively, but you are wrong about these being unworkable filters.

  5. Yeah sometimes with filters it can make you question whether what you are buying is really worth it. I bought a filter recently that actually just attaches to the tap. I was really thrilled with that because it was not something I had to think about filling up every time it was close to being empty. I'm happy so far.

    Gregory Gibbs @ Aqua Pure Water Systems, LLC

  6. Certainly, everyone is following the initial instructions ... soak in water for 10 minutes ... the WHOLE filter, then a couple of pour-throughs when instatlled. I'm not one to comment, having just bought one, but following the instructions it flows through fine. I AM curious as to how much filtration is actually occurring though. ��

  7. I use a zero water filter but when I went to Walmart to buy a replacement they were out. So I bought the great value 5 cup pitcher. I brought it home and followed the directions on properly installing it. After that I grabbed the tester from my zero water pitcher to check the quality of the great value pitcher the water tested 170 keep in mind the water straight from the tap here was 160. It actually was worse coming through the great value filter. Because of the price difference I wasn't expecting it to read 000 like the zero water filter but 170? Great value water filters are complete trash.