Monday, September 16, 2013

Looking Back

 This was another unusual, off-schedule week for me, as my husband was home sick the entire week!

On Monday, I was still sick myself and my wonderful Mom came over and helped me wash dishes and get meals cooked.  I am so blessed!  We would've been eating off paper towels, without her help--though what we would've been eating, I can't imagine!

On Tuesday, I had to take my husband to the doctor, as he was actually worse instead of better!

After that, the week was a bit of a blur. I did an abbreviated grocery trip, but other than dishes and laundry that was the only weekly chore I accomplished.

I did cross stitch, and finished the first week of the Halloween Sampler.  I had such great results dying the fabric for that project that I dyed the fabric for the Autumn sampler that will be starting soon.  I'm really pleased with it too; it's a rusty color and looks lovely with the colors that will be used.

I made some mutant cookies, but rebounded today with a yummy crustless cheesecake.

I made mashed potatoes last night (there is nothing like real mashed potatoes!) and used the leftovers to make cheesy potato soup tonight.

We're waiting to hear results from the county about our water, and until then are still drinking bottled water.  Seeing as how I drink at least a gallon a day, it's a bit pricey.  Hoping for a clean bill of health on our well, and soon!

I mowed the lawn with our amazing new lawnmower.  I can't imagine why more people don't use a reel mower!

Oh--I did mop the floor tonght! Just lightly, but enough to keep me from having to admit that it was still unmopped!

Hopefully, this coming week will be more back to normal, and I can finally get to this list from a few weeks ago!
  • clean out the tiny closet in the "closet room" and see if I can make it usable.
  • measure and plan out what will be needed for the rest of my craft supply shelves
  • reorganize the two kitchen cabinets that are left
  • write up my thoughts about Nineteen Eighty-Four
  • research for a new vet
  • I also want to get outside more this coming week, since it has cooled down some.  

I am thankful for:
  • Mom's help
  • my husband finally feeling well
  • only being lightly ill
  • cool autumn breezes
  • chai
  • small victories
  • colors
  • fresh, crisp sheets
  • Wednesday noon Communion
Pretty Miss Lizzie

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