Sunday, September 1, 2013

Looking Back

 Today is St. John's birthday!  Not his actual birthday, as we don't know exactly, but close enough.  He is one year old and has been with us for 11 months.  Amazing!  At the time, I thought getting him was one more thing on my already overflowing plate, and I didn't think I would be able to handle having him with us.  Turns out, I needed him as much as he needed us!

I had a birthday party for him.  Lizzie-cat was invited, of course, and my husband.  We all had vanilla ice cream (except my husband who was too full from dinner).  St. John wasn't crazy about the ice cream, but did try it.  Lizzie thought it was the Best Thing Ever and has since expressed a hope that St. John would have a birthday every week.  St. John's gift was a roll of crepe streamer, but to our dismay he was either too sleepy or too grown up to play with it much.  We'll see tomorrow.  He's grown out of a lot of his favorite things in the past two months.  He still looks like a kitten, but he certainly maturing.

Now for the party photos. . . .  There weren't many, as the party only lasted about 45 seconds.

Lizzie loved her ice cream!

St. John investigates his ice cream.

Now, on to this past week!

This past week I:
Taken during my wade through the river.
  • moved the last bookshelf to the closet room
  • put most of the clothes and blankets into their new places on the four bookshelves in our "closet room"
  • had Mom's help to reorganized all but two of the kitchen cabinets; it is amazing what a weight that has taken off my shoulders!  I feel so much lighter in the kitchen, knowing that there isn't a mess hidden behind those doors!  She did an incredible job.  When I reached the panicked point of being overwhelmed (those with experience in Special Education will understand when I say that I was frantically signing and saying "all done! all done!  all done!"--and I was!), Mom stayed calm, redirected me and kept plugging along herself.  I am so blessed!
  • took a wonderful drive with my husband on Saturday.  He took me to a lovely spot by the river, where I was able to wade in and take photos, and we drove around and stopped for photos of anything that caught our fancy.  It's been a long time since we have done that and it was wonderful!
  • worked more on organizing my craft supplies (my husband is still building me shelves)
  • made a loaf of bread
  • made meatloaf, vegetable soup and boiled eggs for my husband's lunches and breakfasts.
  • made a delicious "Indian-spiced" chickpea dish; it's my new favorite.
  • did NOT mop the kitchen.  I'm so ashamed that I have to confess it here.  I think I've been trying for about a month now.  I'll try again next week!
  • took photos five out of seven days.  I had hoped for a full seven days, but that's still good.
All this was despite one day being taken up with grocery shopping, a half day with no power and a couple of migraines.  I didn't accomplish everything, but I feel mostly satisfied with last week.

Next week I would like to:
  • Mop that kitchen floor!
  • clean out the tiny closet in the "closet room" and see if I can make it usable.
  • measure and plan out what will be needed for the rest of my craft supply shelves
  • not miss a day taking photos 
  • reorganize the two kitchen cabinets that are left
  • write up my thoughts about Nineteen Eighty-Four
  • get the oil changed in the Escort
  • research for a new vet
  • look at our Indian cookbook and see which recipes would work well with chickpeas instead of meat/chicken

I am thankful for:
  • Mom's help and understanding
  • river water
  • a husband who doesn't begrudge me craft-supply-money
  • cats that play with each other
  • feeling stable

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