Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Great Cookie Disaster

What looks like a pleasant stack of pancakes is, in fact, a mountain of Evil Cookie Mutants.

Today, with the cool crisp autumnal air, I was inspired to try a new recipe.  These "soft, chewy" sugar cookies looked divine on her blog, and I was eager to have some for myself.

The result, as you can see, was not pretty.

I think the blame needs to rest on the use of gluten free flour (to which I didn't add any xanthan gum) and not so much on the recipe.  Or, it could just be my newbie baking skills showing through again.

I ended up with one pan of super crispy cookies (Buttery Sugary Crisps), one pan of running not-fully-done cookies (Eat the Edges, Avoid the Middle), and one pan of moderately okay cookies (These Will Do if There are No More Sweets in the House).  

By that time, I was pretty much over the whole endeavor, so I put the rest in a Pyrex square with the intention of making bar cookies.  Ha.  I got a pan of burnt top and jiggling insides (Throw it Away and Don't Bother).

In the end, I'm out 5 1/2 cups of flour, four sticks of butter, a few more ingredients and some time.  And, I have a mound of Evil Cookie Mutants just waiting to attack me the next time I go into the kitchen.

I'm handing in my potholders and calling it a day!  (Dinner out, anyone?)

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